Combo Multipack containing 3 blades: 

1 x 35mm Standard  |  1 x 35mm Coarse  |  1 x 35mm Bi-Metal 

These German-Made Professional Starlock fit multi-tool blades are designed to fit the Fein, Bosch and Festool starlock multi-tools, plus other oscillating multi-tools with the starlock fitment. They are medium width, with waist, for optimum cutting speed and good swarf removal.

Blade width = 35mm

Depth of cut = 50mm

Blade thickness = 0.8mm

Fitting arbor = Starlock

Standard HCS Wood/Plastic blade: Set teeth for all wood, plasterboard and plastic materials, high cutting quality and speed. 

Precision HCS Coarse Wood Hardwood blade: Double-row Japanese teeth for all wooden materials, plasterboard and soft plastics. The fastest cutting speed and maximum precision.

Bi-Metal Long Life Wood And Metal blade: Bi-Metal set teeth for all wood, plasterboard and plastic materials. Outstanding tool life, high cutting quality and speed. Extremely robust, not affected by nails (up to diameter of approx. 4mm), in wood, masonry etc.

These blades are graded as professional heavy duty blades produced by Shark Blades.

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Starlock 3 Blade Combo Multipack

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